About - Paul Cryer


I’d like to say it’s in the blood, and to some extent that’s true.

My Grandad was a cine film enthusiast, and made loads of films as his hobby. Obviously, these were the days before video, and I can remember him setting up his kit at home where we would all sit and watch his films on a pull-down screen, with the comforting whirr of the projector accompanying the visuals.

Then there was my dad, who was into photography. From an early age I was fascinated by his cameras and all the accompanying gear – the cases, lenses, tripod etc. In fact, that’s what really caught my interest first, probably more than the actual photographs he took.

Of course, I did eventually come to appreciate the art in it, seeing my dad’s photos and how much he enjoyed both the process and the result. Catching the photography bug, I started to take my own pictures.

I was lucky to be growing up at a time when technology had made everything far more user-friendly than in my grandad’s day.

This gave me the means to properly develop my filmmaking skills, and to become more adventurous in how I shot things.

At the same time, once I’d grown up, I discovered how much I enjoyed travelling and seeing far more of the world.

This dovetailed neatly with my twin passions of filmmaking and photography.

Then it became a question of how I could make a living out of the things that were driving me. From the relatively humble beginnings of working in a high street photography shop things began to take shape.

Once you realise you’ve got something you can offer people, which they appreciate, you gain a degree of momentum. I’ve grown in confidence in what I do.

It’s not always been easy, but here I am now, a professional filmmaker and photographer, making my living from the things I love doing.

And the future?

I want to be able to work in such a way that my interests are more closely aligned. I want to travel and capture what I see in photographs and on film, from amazing natural phenomena to sprawling, manmade urban landscapes.

Film and photography are inextricably linked with who I am, and my work is my way of sharing this essence of myself with the wider world.

For more information on my commercial filmmaking, please see: https://www.immersivedigital.media

For information on my wedding filmmaking, please see: https://www.inloveweddingfilms.co.uk

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